Suspected NYC rapist at large after video shows woman lassoed from behind on dark street


The Bronx attack happened early on May 1

這起布朗克斯區的襲擊發生在 5 月 1 日早上

By Michael Ruiz Fox News
Published May 10, 2024 9:03am EDT
The New York City Police Department is on the hunt for a Bronx rape suspect who appeared on video throwing a looped belt around a woman's neck before choking her unconscious and dragging her away on a dark city street.


From there, video shows him looking up and down the block before it cuts out.


The NYPD says an unidentified man attacked a 45-year-old woman in The Bronx around 5 a.m. on May 1.


Police now want him on rape charges but have yet to track him down.


NYPD has identified the man wanted for looping a belt around a woman's neck and raping her in the Bronx. (NYPD)


A still image taken from video shows the suspect the moment before he throws a looped belt around the victim's neck and drags her off on a dark Bronx street. (Obtained by Fox News Digital)


"There is a report on file for sexual assault in the vicinity of East 152 Street and 3rd Avenue within the confines of 40 Precinct," an NYPD spokesperson confirmed to Fox News Digital. "The report states that an unknown male followed a 45-year-old female victim and placed a belt around the victim’s neck, causing unconsciousness."

原創翻譯:龍騰網 轉載請注明出處

Police said he dragged her between two parked cars and sexually assaulted her on the street before running away.


A still image taken from video shows the suspect dragging the victim by the neck down the sidewalk. She lost consciousness within seconds. (Obtained by Fox News Digital)


The department's Special Victims Unit was investigating, but no arrests had been made as of Friday morning.

原創翻譯:龍騰網 轉載請注明出處

Still images from surveillance video released by the NYPD show a Bronx rape suspect accused of lassoing a woman from behind and sexually assaulting her on a dark street. (NYPD)


The video, which circulated widely online Thursday, shows the masked man sneak up behind his victim, snag her around the throat with a looped belt and drag her to the ground.


She appears to lose consciousness within seconds, her hands falling from a defensive position to her sides as he drags her between two parked cars.

原創翻譯:龍騰網 轉載請注明出處

That's where the alleged attack took place.


The NYPD is on the hunt for this unidentified man in connection with a rape attack in The Bronx last week. Surveillance video appears to show him sneaking up behind a woman, looping a belt around her neck from behind and dragging her away off the street. (NYPD)


Details about the victim's condition were not immediately available.


Anyone with information on the suspect is asked to call NYPD Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

任何有嫌疑人信息的人可撥打 1-800-577-TIPS 聯系 NYPD Crime Stoppers。

原創翻譯:龍騰網 轉載請注明出處