As a Southern European living in Northern Europe, it has always seemed to me that Southerners often challenge authority, while Northerners seem to stick to the rules. Why would that be?

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What I originally meant by "rebelliousness" was the tendency to go against unspoken rules and social norms, to be more chaotic in social circumstances, and to display overall carelessness. These traits are far more typical in countries like Italy, Greece, Albania, Spain, Croatia, Macedonia, and the like, than in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and so forth.

原創翻譯:龍騰網 轉載請注明出處

As a note, I am Italian and currently reside in the United Kingdom, where most people do "the done thing" simply because it is expected. In Italy, on the other hand, people tend to question most things.