The US Government's Recommended House Temperatures Has Everyone In Disbelief

作者 :Matt

It's extremely hot in the northeast right now, and while I'm DOING EVERYTHING IN MY POWER not to just blast my AC all day, an image of thermostat recommendations is going viral.


98. Just broke the record in Boston. Old record was 96 back in 1923. Heat index as high as 113 in Dorchester right now


Here's what the US Government recommends we set our houses at:

原創(chuàng )翻譯:龍騰網(wǎng) 轉載請注明出處


Just know I’ll let the entire power grid go down and ruin all of our lives before my thermostat is set at 78°.

我只知道我要是把空調溫度設置到小于25度,會(huì )讓整個(gè)電網(wǎng)崩潰的,進(jìn)而毀了我們所有人的生活。